Ever wondered how other photographers work?

Portrait photography workshop

What you’ll learn:

  • Camera settings for portraits
  • How to look for the light
  • How to use polyboards, diffusers and reflectors
  • How to choose backdrop
  • How to reach different mood within the same studio and light
  • What to tell and what not to tell to your sitter =)
  • Why moodboard can be good and how to use it
  • Selection process
  • Editing workflow

I will give as least theory as possible, mostly show the way I work.

I will cover two distinct settings in the same environment – and you will get the chance to take some portraits of Lyddy yourself.

Be prepared to sit for your colleagues so that they had a little more practice – someone will sit for you as well – to have more practice and to loose less time.

Workshop duration is 3.5 hours with a short break between photography and editing sections.


Level: Beginner to intermediate
3.5h studio session, including practice and Q&A
When: 22nd of October 2023
Where: PL photography studio, London
Class size: up to 7 people
Price: £96

What I will not teach you

I am not going to teach you the only right way to make portrait. I will show the way I do it, and you may pick only the moves you like and ones that will work for you. I will try to verbalise most of my decisions, so that you’ll get understanding of my approach to photography, selection and editing.

During the workshop you will

  • get some ideas on how to use studio space for portrait photography with natural light
  • see one of many possible ways of working with your sitter
  • learn about my editing routine and principles, as well as some other options
  • try doing portraits of Lyddy and your fellow photographers taking into account the things you’ve just seen
  • ask as many questions as the time will allow

Is it for you?

This workshop will be most useful for you if:

  • you have some experience of using your camera to create photos, especially in manual mode;
  • you are comfortable with shooting with studio lights but don’t feel like you have that much control over available natural light;
  • you like my style of portraiture and editing, even of you don’t really want to copy it;
  • you are curious about how other people work and what exactly they think and do to get the results they get.


I recently came across this workshop on Instagram, and it provided an excellent introduction to portrait photography and the intricate interplay of lighting. This workshop delivered precisely what I was seeking. It offered valuable insights into controlling natural light using various tools and techniques. Additionally, I gained a solid foundation in the art of posing and composition—understanding the “how,” “what,” and “for whom” aspects of portrait photography. Exploring the significance of different backdrops and why they matter was also enlightening.

The workshop’s primary focus was on comprehending the way light interacts with the contours of the subject’s skin and how one can promptly adjust camera settings to achieve optimal results. What made this workshop truly exceptional was not only the opportunity to acquire knowledge but also the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography. Building a community of fellow enthusiasts is invaluable, as it facilitates the exchange of ideas and insights into each other’s work, making the learning experience more accessible and enriching.


I really enjoyed the workshop with Andy. Very practical and useful - we had a chance to learn the ins and outs of a portrait photography session - what to start with, light setup, how to work with a model, we even touched on the post production process. Starting getting your first clients is hard and gaining confidence is key, but there are so many small things that are unclear when you start - I loved Andy's workshop as I could ask these "silly" questions and get an answer from a professional photographer with 10+ years of experience. Since that day I've had already four photoshoots and felt much more confident in my skills. I can only highly recommend Andy and his workshops for anyone who wants to learn portrait photography


I learned a lot of things on the workshop. And I get experience and portfolio.


Who are we?

Andy Go

Studio Founder, photographer

Andy has got PhD in Optics in 2009 — hence he is educated in all the math and magic of light. With that knowledge, he started photography, and in 2010-2011 shot medium format film portraits, later switching to portrait, headshot, nude, documentary, model test and lifestyle photography -- almost anything human related.

Igor Laskyi


Igor Laskyi, 23 years old. An actor and model from Ukraine. He has experience in film, TV series, and commercials. Since May 2022, he has been living in the UK and has already appeared in advertisements for Israeli Airlines, the TV show "Glow Up" airing on BBC & Netflix, as well as for a couple of local clothing brands.

Natural Light Portraits by Andy

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