Ready to learn how to work with studio lights?


What you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 Basics of studio photography

  • Camera settings for flash light photography
  • System of stops
  • Why would you need a trigger and how to use it
  • One light source

Lesson 2 Controlling the light

  • Modifiers: reflector, beauty dish, softboxes
  • V flags
  • Second light source
  • How to make white backdrop look like: white, grey, black, by moving the model and the light source
  • How to remove undesirable shadows

Lesson 3 Working with model

  • Helping to relax – telling a personal story, breathing, leading by example
  • Helping to pose – look out for lines, neck, waist
  • How to make diverse pictures during one photoshoot

Lesson 4 Mostly practice!

  • How to read the light on reference photos
  • Group work

Each lesson consists of two sections:

  • theory
  • practice

+ coffee break in the middle.


Level: Beginner-Intermediate
4 studio sessions: (16 hours in total) including theory and practice
When: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th of March, Sundays, 8:30AM-12:30PM
(if you’d prefer to studi on Weekday – drop us a message!)
Where: PL photography studio, London
Class size: 6 people
Price: £490

What else?
  • Meet new people: 5 other photographers + our teachers + models and MUA
  • Get a discount for your future studio bookings
  • Online consultations within one month after the school

What we will not teach you

We are not going to teach you ready light schemes. Instead you’ll learn how to read the light on reference photos. You’ll get understanding   of how to control the light and which light modifiers (if any) to use to get a desirable light effect.

After the school you will

  • be more confident in photography studio setting
  • be able to “read the light” on reference photos
  • know what kind of light and light modifiers you would need for your shoot
  • know what to consider when working with a model in a studio
  • know which camera settings you need when working with strobe lights
  • learn how to use and control light

Is it for you?

This school is a good choice for you if you:

  • want to learn how to use studio equipment;
  • have some experience shooting in studios but want to have a deeper understanding of studio equipment;
  • don’t have much studio practice and want to get it with support of experienced teachers;
  • have photography experience but mostly shoot with available light (natural light, street lamps etc).


Our teachers

Andy Go

Studio Founder, photographer

Andy has got PhD in Optics in 2009 — hence he is educated in all the math and magic of light. With that knowledge, he started photography, and in 2010-2011 shot medium format film portraits, later switching to portrait, headshot, nude, documentary, model test and lifestyle photography -- almost anything human related.

Olga Lioncat

Studio founder, photographer

Hi! I'm a self taught photographer. I started shooting people in the streets and at home but I didn't get studio shoot requests because I didn't have examples of studio shoots in my portfolio.

I opened Pure Light photography studio couple of years ago and now I'm doing everything possible to keep studio hire prices as low as possible. Photography is a luxury product but I believe that more people and small businesses should have access to it.

There is a good chance that you will meet me in the studio. I'm taking some bookings because it's important to keep a finger on a pulse and have a close contact with our clients.

Kate Kantur

Fine Artist

Having been a Welding Engineer for 10 years, Kate has made a transition in 2020, and now she is a full time portrait and event photographer and videographer based in London.

Kate's key points of interest are self-exploration, body neutrality and creativity, which she strives to seek and show in her individual portrait and nude photoshoots, as well as working as a candid and backstage photographer.


I was trained how to work with studio light. There was a lot of support, the information was very clear and accessible, the process was well thought out and organised, I didn't have to think about what to ask and what to do, everything was structured and logical. Olga is an experienced professional photographer and in the process of learning she shared her personal experience, which is of great value. The atmosphere was nice and friendly, I received great pleasure and benefit. Olga answered all questions in detail and was very attentive. Now shooting in the studio feels clear and comfortable!

Daria GdetoFilm Photographer, @datiagdeto

I had one day class with Olga at PL Photo Studio in 2022 and it was such a relaxing and a very informative class. Olga’s teaching style is so calm and very easy to understand. I bet you won’t feel rushed or feeling lost at the end of the class. She has such a calm energy around her which you will love 🙂 3hrs class with her helped me so much to get confidence in dealing with tools at the studio when I was just starting to build studio experience. The 3 hrs has become one of the most unforgettable moments back in my life in London. 😊 You won’t regret it.

Kiuna KimPhotographer, @kiuna_foto

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